An impressionable teenager saw transgender influencers online and decided that they wanted to transition as well. As a thirteen-year-old girl, Kayla Lovdahl approached doctors who helped her undergo a double mastectomy to remove both of her breasts from her chest. After her breasts were cut off her body, Lovdahl fell into a state of “deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regrets” for “going trans” when she was only following an online trend.

Now eighteen years old, Lovdahl claims that she underwent the invasive surgery and later regretted the surgery entirely. In addition to following influencers online, Lovdahl also claimed that her doctors urged her to “entertain” gender reassignment surgery when she was just an eleven-year-old girl.

Lovdahl has now filed a lawsuit against the doctors who chopped off her breasts. The lawsuit lists Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and four doctors as plaintiffs. The controversial lawsuit claims that the doctors and hospital group “handed Kayla the prescription pad, and allowed her naïve, emotional, childish, rollercoaster of feelings to dictate the so-called ‘treatment’ that she would receive.”

Lovdahl’s legal challenge against her former doctors comes as more and more youths come forward to “de-transition” after changing their genders through surgery and hormonal treatments. Many of these “de-transitioning” teens and youth claim that they faced death threats and other intimidation from the transgender community since they no longer wish to be the gender they have changed to.

Lovdahl faced years of mental health issues until she was “exposed to online transgender influencers” who urged her “erroneously” to believe that she was actually a boy and not a girl when she was just eleven years old.

Lovdahl’s parents were confused about their daughter’s decision but decided to support her anyway. When Lovdahl reached puberty at age twelve, she was already on puberty blockers to prevent her from developing into a young woman. She also started taking testosterone supplements to enhance her masculine energy. However, the lawsuit claims that Lovdahl never received a psychological evaluation before she began to transition genders under the supervision of her team of doctors.

Although Lovdahl’s parents were concerned about surgeries, the doctors allegedly told her caregivers, “It is better to have a live son than a dead daughter.”

Now, Lovdahl believes that the process that drove her to become a trans man is all just an “ideological and profit-driven medical abuse.”

Just six months later, Lovdahl underwent a double mastectomy and had both of her breasts removed. Last year, she de-transitioned and returned to life as a girl and severely regrets changing her body to resemble a boy’s.

The lawsuit claims, “There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of the pituitary gland misfunction based simply on the young adolescent patient’s wishes.”

Lovdahl added, “The vast majority of cross-gender identified children, if medically treated in early adolescence, risk regretting the decision after they are old enough to realize their losses.”