A man immediately noticed when the United States Army soldier walked onto the plane. The man was wearing his uniform and looked very wary. When the Army soldier sat down in the seat next to the businessman, he was pleased. He introduced himself to U.S. Army soldier Mr. Glascott. The two shared a few kind words and established a friendly connection. But when the flight was over, the two parted ways without much ado.

Glascott had revealed that information to the businessman that he was headed home on leave. And he was planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with his family. It was his son’s ninth birthday, and Glascott was willing to spend money to give the boy a great time.

After the flight landed, the two parted ways. Glascott felt good about the conversation he had with the businessman but didn’t think about it again after he saw his family waiting for him waiting at the gate. Not long later, the family went to the Lodge to celebrate the boy’s birthday. But when they got to the resort, Glascott was greeted with a surprise. The receptionist at the desk told the United States Army soldier that there was a note on his account. Glascott was worried. Why was something wrong already? What was he going to do?

But then the receptionist broke into a smile. She said, “You have a message on your account from Brad.”

Glascott could not for the life of him figure out who this Brad was. It was a mystery, and the family was puzzled. Plus, they had not figured out what the note was about yet. And that still worried Glascott who was used to doing everything for his family without the support of anyone else.

The receptionist told Glascott that Brad was sending his good wishes to the family from Atlanta. And that’s when things clicked for the soldier. Brad was the rich businessman he had met on the plane.

While he thought it was thoughtful that Brad had left his family a note, he was stunned when the receptionist said that there was more to it.

But she didn’t have a chance to tell him the good news. Glascott already had his credit card out and was demanding to pay for the stay. The receptionist waved away Glascott’s card.

“Your money is not good here, soldier,” she said.

Now Glascott was confused. He started to object having never faced this issue before.

But she broke in before he could say anything.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” the receptionist said. “You account has been pain. In full. Brad wants you and your family to enjoy your stay at Great Wolf Lodge.”

Glascott processed what was happening. Brad had given his family a great gift. His eyes began to water. He was overwhelmed. He had given so much to the country and was glad to know that at least one man appreciated his service.

While the family enjoyed the free stay at the resort, Glascott’s son appreciated the best gift of all, his dad home from deployment.

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