When it comes to giving birth, Keystone Heights, Florida resident Christine Corbitt knows that she has learned enough for a lifetime. Before she gave birth to her baby in 2019, she had already given birth to two other kids. This pair weighed ten pounds and nine pounds, respectively. But when it came time for Corbitt to push out her third child into the world, the little girl proved to be so much more than the experienced mom could handle.

While her first two children were big babies, Carleigh Brooke Corbitt weighed 13 pounds at the time of her birth, which proved to be a very difficult delivery. Not only was mom working hard to push her newborn daughter into the world, but the doctors and nurses who were in the delivery room with her were also so stunned that baby Carleigh was as big as she was.

“When the baby was coming out, I was like, ‘Is this baby ever going to end?’ Everybody in the room kind of just stopped during the delivery and was like, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.”

Because the experience was so harrowing for mom, she knows that she will never want to do it again. With three children in her family now, she feels satisfied to hang up the hat on childbirth.

Dr. Edelenbos could not believe that a baby this size was born. That’s why she had just one thought when Corbitt gave birth to the giant newborn baby girl.

“I felt like I was lookin’ at a toddler. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s just gonna get up and walk to the nursery,’” the doctor said.

As it turned out, baby Carleigh did not just weigh thirteen pounds. She weighed thirteen pounds and five ounces. However, the newborn baby girl could have been even larger if she had stayed on track and been born on her due date. Good thing for mom that she came six days early, or Corbitt would really have had to struggle to get her daughter into the world.

Carleigh became so big during gestation because her mother developed diabetes during pregnancy. Since her blood sugars were not optimally managed, the baby grew at a faster rate than normal. While the doctors knew that diabetes would increase the risk of the pregnancy, they never knew the baby was as big as she really was.

Dad was stunned, but all he saw was the radiance of his newborn baby daughter.

He said, “Her cheeks were so chunky, and she was just so fat. She was so gorgeous, of course.”

And while Corbitt likes having a happy family, she is done popping out babies into the world. Since her third baby was so big – almost as big as a toddler – she knows that she could not handle that again.

“That’s enough for me. We’re going out with a bang.”

The news of this baby’s birth was so shocking that the family got featured on Inside Edition. You can watch their complete report below.

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