A man was arrested in South Carolina after he took a drug-fueled “walk of shame” in public. The man, 41-year-old Michael Boatman, had stripped down to his birthday suit and covered up his genitals with a see-through plastic bag because he wanted to punish himself for cheating on his wife. However, South Carolina authorities arrested him after they caught him taking his walk in the nude.

Police found Boatman taking a late-night walk with a marijuana cigarette. He decided to go out for his walk of shame along New Cut Road in Spartansburg while wearing nothing but the plastic bag over his genitals.

Sheriff’s deputies approached Boatman and questioned his decision to walk around in the nude. However, he promptly told the deputies that he had decided to punish himself with a “walk of shame” because he needed to perform some type of “penance for cheating on his wife,” police noted in their arrest report that was shared with The Smoking Gun.

Despite being caught by police, Boatman asked if he could be allowed to complete his late-night naked walk. The police told him that he would not be allowed to do that.

Despite his cheating ways, the defendant noted that he was performing a ritual in connection to his religion. According to arrest documents, the nude suspect “referenced Adam and Eve from the bible, stating that he was willing to go to jail for his acts.”

Besides being in possession of his marijuana cigarette, Boatman also told deputies that he had used methamphetamine prior to his walk.

Police confirmed that Boatman tried to flee police on foot at one point during their interaction. However, deputies were able to stop him very quickly. His attempt to flee led deputies to restrain him with handcuffs just to make sure he would not be able to escape easily.

When he was in the backseat of the squad car, Boatman allegedly asked a deputy to shoot him to death because “he did not have tomorrow” to look forward to anymore now that he had cheated on his wife and been caught by police during his walk of shame.

South Carolina authorities slapped Boatman with charges that included indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, and arresting police.

As of Thursday, he was still behind bars at the county jail. Records with the police in the area indicate that Boatman has a long criminal history. The charges against him include previous arrests for three separate domestic violence convictions.

Hundreds of Daily Mail readers shared comments about the naked South Carolina man.

“What I find more SHOCKING is he actually has a wife, and I’m single as a dollar bill. Go figure.”

“No concealed weapons then.”

“His wife told him that he really methed up this time!”

“(Drugs) are so devastating not only to the one using them but to their family members, friends, coworkers and anyone else they have contact with.”

“In San Francisco, it’s perfectly legal to walk around in nothing but a sock to protect male modesty.”

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