On Thursday, an Ohio bomb squad arrived to inspect a suspicious bag left on the doorstep of a New Miami church. The “suspicious package” struck terror in the people of the community following increased threats of violence following the January 6 insurrection at the capitol. However, the Ohio bomb squad discovered something completely unexpected when they examined the package left in front of the church – and were horrified to see it was filled with abandoned kittens.

The Butler County Bomb Unit arrived at the church prepared to deal with a terrorist attack. However, they were stunned when they heard purring coming from the suspicious package left in front of the church. The bag was left in front of the main entrance and was very suspicious.

However, the bag was not filled with explosives as community members feared. Instead, the bag was abandoned outside in the freezing cold by the former owner of the litter of kittens, who simply did not want anything to do with the animals.

“Moms name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2.00 pm, Wed Feb 17th,” read a note left at the scene where the kittens were abandoned. The previous owner wrote the note on a folded napkin.

After the Ohio bomb squad realized they were dealing with a bag full of kittens rather than explosives, they brought the abandoned animals to the Animal Friends Human Society in nearby Hamilton. Volunteers at the organization went above and beyond to give new hope to the cute kittens who could have easily died if the suspicious package had not been noticed when it was.

Images of the kittens show that they were with their mother, Sprinkles. One picture shows Sprinkles poking her head out of the bag after the bomb squad realized the kittens were not a threat to the community church.

Now that the kittens have been relocated to the animal rescue facility, they are “warm, cozy and fed,” reported the organization. In a short time, they will be ready to be put up for adoption and go out to loving homes in Ohio.

The story horrified Ohio residents who could not believe that some heartless person would abandon the kittens in the cold. Comments were shared under the original Facebook post.

“Someone cared for Sprinkles and did the only thing they could think of to do, though we may all agree it could not have gone so well. I believe there’s someone who struggled and probably worried about mama and babies,” one person wrote.

Another added: “This story had a happy ending.. and that’s what matters the most. Mommy and babies are safe and being taken care of.”

Daily Mail readers were appalled by the Ohio resident who abandoned the kittens at the church.

“Poor Sprinkles. Hope she finds a good home.”

Another wrote, “Better than the owner putting them all in a trash bag and tossing them in a river or a trash dumpster like we’ve seen plenty of times before.”

What do you think about these kittens abandoned in Ohio?

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