A beautiful young teenager has died after she was so afraid of locking herself up to protect herself from COVID-19. Because this young girl did not want to live in a world where she had to lock herself in her home to avoid the deadly virus, she did something to put an end to it all. Although most death reports from COVID-19 involve people who are over the age of sixty, the sudden death of this nineteen-year-old girl proves that the novel coronavirus affects young people just like it does elderly Americans and baby boomers – just not in the exact same way.

Nineteen-year-old Emily Owen attempted to take her own life when she learned that she would have to live life in quarantine because of COVID-19. The young American teenager attempted suicide and was rushed to the hospital where her life was sustained with support. However, after a grueling decision by her family, they decided to take the beautiful teen off life support because it was the best thing to do.

Because Emily was so distraught over the reality that she would need to live all cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, she tried to take her own life. She was kept in critical care ever since and was only being kept alive through life support.

Emily’s family decided to take her off life support so the hospital could harvest her organs for a donation. Emily, at the young age of twelve, had made it very clear that if she ever died, she wanted her organs to be donated to people in need. Her family took her off life support in time to make this wish come true.

In an online tribute, Emily’s sister, twenty-one-year-old Annabel Owen wrote:

“Emily was very concerned about coronavirus itself but more concerned about the mental health impact of isolation and the fear of the unknown. To many people, Emily was a really fun, energetic, happy girl, but only a few were aware of the many years of internal battles she had. Few people are aware, but four years ago, she was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and had a daily battle to fit in and conform to social norms. She didn’t want anyone to know, but now (that) she has gone, we want to make people know that autism comes in all shapes and sizes.”

On Facebook, a post about Emily and her final days shows just how dire the situation was for the young teen.

“She said only a few days ago that ‘more people will die from suicide during this than the virus itself.’ Emily would have wanted you to check on your loved ones in these very difficult times, as she believed the fear of the unknown may drive them over the edge and was planning on volunteering to help these people.”

Because Emily’s organs will be donated, three children will be given a second chance at life. Her goodness will live on through them.

What do you think about this teen’s sad reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic?

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