When an at-risk teenage boy learned the truth about his mother, he lost all control of himself and quickly spiraled out of control. The boy, 14, learned that his mother was not his biological parent, which set him off on a path of destruction. In the time since learning the truth about his family’s history, he started behaving more aggressively – taking out his anger on animals (burning them alive) as well as breaking into his school off-hours.

However, the teenager turned murderous and decided to get his hands on a firearm so he could do something that could never be taken back. The teenager turned that gun on his family members, shooting them all dead because he had learned that his entire life had been one big lie.

The teenager’s murder victims included his non-biological mother as well as several children, including a 6-month old boy, a 5-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy. Following the brutal killing of his family, the teen was charged with their murders in juvenile court. Despite the slaying of multiple people, including three innocent children, the Alabama court system only has the power to lock him up in a juvenile detention facility for about a year – which will release him back into the public in no time.

The maximum sentence that Alabama allows their judges to administer is detention until the teen’s 21st birthday. However, the laws of the Southern state also allow prosecutors to try children as adults if the judge also approves that motion. Since this teenager is clearly a threat to society at large – after going on a killing spree for learning the dark truth about his family – he might make a candidate for being tried as an adult.

The Alabama teen killed five family members at his family’s home on Ridge Road in the small Southern town of Elkmont. Located in the northern section of Alabama in Limestone County, the multiple murders were a shock to the local community who never saw it coming.

However, the cousin of the murderer, Daisy McCarty, noticed the teen acting strangely ever since he learned that his mother was not his biological parent. He had learned the truth about his biological parents at least a week prior to his murdering of his family.

After he learned the truth about his biological mother, he took out his rage on animals. He began burning them alive. Then he broke into his school and caused a ruckus. This all escalated to mass murder, resulting in the gruesome deaths of five family members.

Besides the children mentioned above, the teen killed his father, John Sisk, and his stepmother, Mary Sisk, whom he had thought was his biological mother until recently. The boy’s biological mother had died in 2011 in Indiana. And according to court records, the boy’s father was granted full custody of the boy in 2010.

The teen has confessed to the murders. He is assisting investigators with their search for the murder weapon, which was said to be a 9mm handgun. It was not reported where the underage murderer got his hands on the murder weapon.