A London couple was having trouble with their love life. The man, 28-year-old Callum Black, suffered from a high libido that his partner, 23-year-old Charlotte Grey, was simply unable to satisfy. Instead of just letting her boyfriend suffer from the condition, Charlotte went out and bought Black a sex doll that looks exactly like her – and the pair claim that the doll has reignited their love life and given them a new passion for each other.

The doll, which is called “Dee,” was brought into the bedroom to “spice things up.” Black and Grey claim that the life-like sex doll has “set their sex lives on fire.”

Apparently, the idea to get the sex doll came to life after the couple opened themselves up to the idea of having a threesome. However, Charlotte feared that she would get jealous of another woman if she had to share her lover with her. Instead, they decided to go for the “happy medium” and buy the sex doll, which cost about $2,000.

Now, the couple treats Dee like a living person. In their four years of living together, the couple has opened themselves up to a whole new world. They now post content on the subscription service OnlyFans and earn a living doing so. They dress Dee up like a real woman in lingerie and dresses and even take her out of the house for car rides and even watch their favorite television show, The Inbetweeners, with the life-like sex doll.

Charlotte said, “We were talking about spicing things up and having a threesome or foursome, but like most girls, I was worried I’d struggle to see Callum with another woman. It was a joint decision to buy a sex doll, but it was the best decision and has definitely improved our sex life. It’s great because Callum has a high sex drive, and if I’m not in the mood, he’s got Dee there. We both love experimenting with her – and she regularly joins our steamy sessions too. She’s not just a doll – we’re really attached to her. She’s helped to strengthen our relationship – and set our sex lives on fire.”

Now, the couple earns more than $85,000 per month through their OnlyFans account. Prior to their sex content, Black worked as an alloy painter, and Grey worked in end-of-life care. The pair decided to open their OnlyFans account after Dee, the sex doll, spiced up their love life.

However, Dee was not the first sex doll the couple purchased. Their first doll was not as life-like as Dee and “just wasn’t doing it” for them as a couple. They decided to get a doll that looked like Charlotte and brought her into their home in June 2022.

Callum said, “Dee has had a positive impact on us as a couple. If anything, she’s bought us closer together.”

What do you think about this couple’s life-like sex doll, Dee?

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