Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen will never make another Borat movie because he was almost murdered while filming the second one. After attending a pro-Trump gun rally while filming the second film, Trump supporters almost shot him. During an interview with NPR’s Fresh Air on Wednesday, Cohen, 49, admitted that he was not going to press his luck with a third Borat movie because he feared that his luck would “run out” eventually and he’d be killed by those he ridiculed.

Cohen confessed that he resurrected Borat for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm because he was eager to “take a stand” against former President Donald Trump and persuade people to vote against him in the 2020 election.

While filming the Borat movies, Cohen went undercover as “Borat,” a fictional TV reporter from the Asian country of Kazakhstan, which is located between Russia and China. While in character, Cohen interacted with real Americans who failed to recognize him and did not know that he was ridiculing them.

“I think I’d be mad to (make another Borat film). I was so angry with what was going on in America. And I’m not an American citizen, but I was scared for America. And I felt I had to take a stand. So no, I can’t do this again. Firstly, just practically, at some point, your luck runs out.”

During his appearance at the Trump rally in the second film, the crowd eventually realized he was mocking them. The group erupted into an angry mob and tried to kill Cohen, forcing him to flee the stage. He barricaded himself in his trailer while the Trump mob tried to murder him. He and his crew were able to leave the scene without being injured.

“You know, escaping from that gun rally – you know, I spoke to the security guard afterward, and he just said, listen, a few seconds later, and this could have ended very differently. If I hadn’t have had a security guard who luckily grabbed the hand of, you know, somebody who reached for his gun, who knows? Maybe that guy would have tried to shoot me. Maybe he was just waving me to intimidate me. But at some point, your luck runs out. And so I never wanted to do this stuff again (laughter). But no, I can’t.”

Cohen revived his Borat character in late 2019 and early 2020 to take a stand against Trumpism. He first introduced Borat to the world in his 2006 movie. In that first film, he went undercover on a mission to Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

In the second film, Borat tries to find a man to marry his child daughter and almost catches Rudy Giuliani soliciting sex of the minor.

“I didn’t want to do Borat again. I didn’t want to go undercover again. I felt I had to do anything I could to remind people of what, in 90 minutes, in a humorous way, of what Trump had done the prior four years, and I felt I had to try and infiltrate his inner circle, which we did do with Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence. We felt we had to do that. I felt I had to get this movie out before the election. But, yes, maybe I’m crazy.”

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