Goma is a Japanese poodle. Despite being a canine, a new video of this pooch has forced some people to seriously doubt Goma’s species. Because Goma got a special hair cut from owner Yoriko Hamachiyo, 42, the dog looks more like a sheep than a pooch – especially as you watch Goma run through a field. Although the special haircut makes Goma look more like a lamb than a dog, Hamachiyo said the special grooming style came about to help Goma avoid painful knots in his fur.

Every time Hamachiyo must groom Goma, the process takes a grueling two hours. However, the grooming process is important for the dog because otherwise, he could have health problems.

“He had a problem with licking his paws clean as the saliva made the hair on his legs tangled, which was painful for him to unravel. That’s why I decided on a sheep-style cut for him,” said Hamachiyo.

The images throughout this page show you just how much fun Goma has after getting his hair cut and styled by his beloved owner. Each time Goma gets to run around the fields of Japan, the dog looks as happy as can be.

Nevertheless, the dog has become a social media sensation. Images of Goma are spreading like wildfire across the internet.

Readers of Daily Mail agreed that Goma was one cute dog, although they felt that the pooch looked more like a “hedgehog” or a “seal pup” than a lamb or sheep.

“Very cute, although I think he looks like a seal pup.”

“It looks like a fluffy balloon in one picture.”

“It is comical and looks happy enough.”

“I love the skinny legs. He looks just like a little cloud.”

“Best picture today to warm up the heart what a little bundle of fun.”

“I was going to criticize, but at least he’s running freely and not stuck in a bag or on a lap.”

“Looks more like a hedgehog.”

“Not long woken up, this has really made me laugh. Looks hella weird but cute and very funny.”

“Poor little dog, that clip makes him look ridiculous, and it must be hellish in hot weather.”

“It looks like a giant toilet brush,” one person wrote.

“I just want to squeeze him. He’s so cute.”

One fan shared some grooming tips that might be able to help Goma lead an even happier life.

“It needs to be cut shorter. Too much weight in the hair for a small dog. I use to let my Shih Tzu have long hair, and he looked lovely, but when it was cut shorter due to hot weather, I couldn’t believe how much more energy he had, so I now keep it short.”

Another reader suggested that the dog’s hair needed to be shorter to stop the knots.

“Looks ridiculous, totally impractical. It is not going to stop knots that long.”

“It’s just a haircut. The dogs a poodle with shaved little legs.”

What are your reactions to Goma’s unique hairstyle? Do you think his owner is grooming him properly?

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