Homeowner Kim Hunt adores Christmas. Every year, she puts up a Christmas display to spread some joy for the season. However, this year, Hunt received an anonymous note from a neighbor complaining about her display of Christmas lights. The neighbor even went so far as to call Hunt’s display racist and a reminder of the systemic biases that exist in American culture to this day.

Hunt was the only resident in her neighborhood in St. Anthony, Minnesota, to receive the note regarding the Christmas displays. She knew of at least three other locals who also received the note. As a nurse helping people survive the global pandemic, Hunt just wanted to spread some holiday cheer. Now she has been left with a bad taste in her mouth.

The anonymous letter stated: “I couldn’t help but notice your Christmas light display. The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own.”

The letter continues: “We must do work of educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward-facing display like yours can have.”

The letter writer wants Hunt and the other Christmas decorators to “respect the dignity of all people” and “learn from differences, ideas, and opinions of our neighbors.”

It continued, “We must come together collectively and challenge institutional inequities; St. Anthony is a community welcoming of all people, and we must demand better of ourselves.”

In a conversation with Daily Mail, Hunt confessed that the letter left her feeling “bewildered and sad.”

“My simple light display gives me joy when I come home from working on the COVID unit at a local hospital,” she stated. “I think it’s sad we can’t all appreciate diversity and celebrate the traditions of all people.”

When the note got shared on social media, the internet blew up at the anonymous letter writer.

Former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Derek Anderson wrote, “Saw this coming a long time ago. ‘If I can’t have it, nobody can’ or ‘If they have it, we all deserve it.’ That’s not life.”

Another wrote: “They should 1: Light it [their home] up like a football field, and 2: Have the letter projected on to their garage door with a cutout of The Grinch pointing at it.”

“People have lost it,” a third person wrote online.

“Love the lights and the holiday spirit, whatever you celebrate. It is about the good in all of us and celebrating that. I was just thinking I need more  [lights] next year, and then I read this. Now I definitely need more. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!”

Since Hunt received the letter, some of her friends created a GoFundMe account to help support the COVID nurse. The funds raised will go to provide even more Christmas lights for Hunt and her family to put up for the holiday season.

What do you think about the anonymous note?

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