Reports from Japan are shocking the world. More than thirty green sea turtles were found stabbed to death on a Japanese beach. The dead animals were first found last week on the remote island of Kumejima. The turtles had stab wounds on their necks and flippers as the attacker seemed to want to cause as much damage and pain to the beautiful animals before killing them in the attack.

Locals were horrified by the events on the beach. Some people speculate that a fisherman stabbed the turtles to death because the animals likely got trapped in their fishing nets. The Japanese news site Mainichi reported that at least one fishing operator has admitted to stabbing some of the turtles because the animals got stuck in his gillnets.

The operator was quoted as saying the following about the attack on the beautiful animals.

“I disentangled some of the [turtles] and released them into the sea, but I couldn’t free [the] heavy ones, so I stabbed them to get rid of them.”

Since news of this attack on the green sea turtles has gone viral, local police have launched an animal cruelty investigation. Officers were sent to the remote island, which is home to about 9,000 people. However, it is not yet clear if those police officers have made any arrests or if the investigation has made any progress.

Japanese authorities, as well as animal conservation groups, consider green sea turtles to be an endangered species. They are often found on the remote Japanese island of Kumejima, which has seaweed and kelp beds. The island, which is volcanic, is located about 1,200 miles from mainland Japan.

Animal conservation groups have been working to save these sea turtles. Staff from the Sea Turtle Museum rushed to the scene of the violent crime upon hearing the news. However, they were not able to save turtles because most of the animals were already dead upon their arrival.

One employee told the Asahi Shimbun: “I have never seen anything like this before. It is extremely difficult to process this.”

Daily Mail readers responded to the story in horror by writing comments on an article.

“What is wrong with people?” one reader wrote.

Another contributed, “I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter one and swim with. It is a beautiful memory. How cruel one can be to cause such horror (in the natural world).”

“Poor things,” another reader wrote.

“For god sake, what the hell is wrong with people. This upsets me so much.”

“This callous disregard for marine life is shameful. I hope the people responsible are prosecuted.”

“When you think (human beings) cannot sink any lower, you read this.”

“How utterly horrific and sad,” one reader wrote.

What do you think should happen to the people who murdered these green sea turtles? Do you think prison time is an appropriate punishment?

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