A loving grandmother has revealed the name of her new baby granddaughter, and no one can believe that the name is real. The grandmother of two has turned to the internet to reveal that the newest member of her family was given a very rare name. The little girl was named Avacuddo, according to the grandmother’s Facebook post, which detailed the baby’s name and how her parents decided to name the baby after their favorite food.

In recent years, some parents have decided to buck the trend of common baby names and give their children unique names that have never before been used. This grandmother is among the lucky few to have such a baby in the family, as Avacuddo is a cute little kid with a name to match.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have led this trend in recent years. Back in 2013, Kim K named her eldest daughter North. She followed up with her two other children with the names Saint and Psalm, which are unique.

In this grandmother’s case, her baby girl was born in August 2019. Nevertheless, the grandmother only recently decided to share a Facebook post about Avacuddo’s name, and it has since gone viral many times on the internet due to its uniqueness and strangeness.

Some people worried that the baby would become the victim of bullying as she grew older. However, one person wrote in defense of the name, “No, stop it.” Another wrote, “That poor kid is doomed.” Clearly, there is a mixed reaction when it comes to Avacuddo’s name.

“It’s official my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,” the grandmother wrote in her post, which has since gone viral on the internet. She then revealed the unique baby name, writing: “Welcome baby Avacuddo.”

On Reddit, one person wrote, “Maybe her name is Ava, and ‘avocado’ is a nickname? I hope.”

While new names are becoming more popular, a study conducted by Pregnacare last year found that old names like Brydie, Gladys, Edmond, and Neville are nearing extinction in the year 2023.

Last year, Pamela Redmond, CEO of Nameberry, spoke to Daily Mail about the ten rarest names that are most often overlooked when parents are choosing names for their newborn children.

She said, “It’s difficult for parents to settle on a name because a name says so much about your personal and family identity. A name signals your feelings about your family, your cultural heritage, your style, and your desire to fit in or stand out in society. And a name is a one-time decision that lasts for your child’s entire life – at least unless they decide to change it!”

One of the rarest girl names is now Hester. Pamela said, “The heroine of The Scarlet Letter has a fresh modern image thanks to the hot new novel Hester by Laurie Lico Albanese, which reimagines the book from Hester’s point of view.”

What do you think about this baby’s unique name?