One day, Betsy Ross visited a local park with her husband and her children. They were eager to spend some time outdoors at the park in Visalia, California. But Ross was amazed when she soon found out that the park had so much more than green grass and sunshine. She found an egg that seemed to be all alone in the world – and because she is a caring person, she picked up the cracked egg and popped it into her bra next to her breast, where it would be kept nice and warm.

The egg seemed to come from a destroyed duck nest. Because Ross and her family are lovers of animals, they felt it was completely natural that she would pick up the cracked duck egg and keep it for some time. There wasn’t anything else among the debris in the shattered nest.

Although this egg was cracked, nothing was leaking out of it. Because of that fact, Ross felt that the little life inside of it still had a chance to thrive – so long as it was given a warm, nurturing environment. So she stuffed the egg against her breast in her bra and committed to keeping it there for as long as it took.

With the cracked egg nestled inside her cleavage, she felt that the unborn duckling inside might still have a chance at survival. Her breasts had helped her children grow big and strong. Maybe they’d be able to pass their warmth on through an eggshell to a baby animal from an entirely different species.

Although Betsy Ross was willing to do whatever it took to take care of the egg, her first idea was to take it to a wildlife sanctuary. She felt that they’d be able to take care of the egg and give the duck a home if it hatched. However, no sanctuary was willing to take the egg. But one place did tell her that they’d take the duck if it hatched.

That gave Ross some hope. If she could just keep the egg safe and warm and the unborn duckling inside alive, then she could give the duckling a place to call home.

But could she do it? Would her ample bosom provide enough warmth to make the duckling hatch? She didn’t know. But she was not willing to take any chances. She never removed her bra, even sleeping in it. During the time she kept the duck egg near her beating heart, her husband got a bit jealous.

For 35 days, the egg nested inside Betsy’s cleavage.

When it was time for the duckling to hatch, it struggled for an entire day. The vet told her that the duckling was stuck behind the egg membrane. Betsy peeled away the shell, giving the duckling room to breathe. And slowly it came out of its shell into the real world.

For some time, the family kept the duck as a pet. When the day came, Betsy and the others cried when they released the duck into the sanctuary.

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