Single mother Heather Chisum has enough on her mind every day. Not only does she have two children to raise on her own, but she also had to balance work, friends, and health. However, her son’s daycare facility took things way too far when they took it upon themselves to write a message to Heather in a dark green marker on the stomach of her young son.

Heather is from Sanibel and found the writing on her boy’s stomach while changing his diaper at home. Because she spent so much energy just to keep her family afloat, she was shocked to see the writing on his tummy. But it was there as clear as day.

The note said: “Mom, I’m out of diapers. Please read my report.”

Because the method of relying upon the message was passive-aggressive, Heather was furious. Why didn’t the daycare come out and directly tell her that her son needed his diapers replenished? That’s why Heather took her outrage to Facebook to expose the bizarre daycare tactic and get other parents on her team.

The daycare used a system where they inserted daily reports into her children’s lunchboxes. These reports would update mom on her children’s behavior and other need-to-know things like if her child was running out of diapers. Heather admitted that she must have missed the note from the prior day. She has so much to stay on top of that she just didn’t get to read it thoroughly.

Although it was her fault that she hadn’t replenished her young son’s diapers, Heather questioned why the daycare felt it necessary to write the reminder on her son’s stomach in a dark green marker. Couldn’t they just tell her when she picked him up? The marker was hard to remove.

“I’ve scrubbed it with several baby wipes, and it’s not coming off. I had plans to take them to the beach to play, and now I can’t because my son has writing all over him. I’m a single mom with a full-time job and two very young children. Sue me for not reading the report every single day.”

Heather also felt that if the daycare workers really wanted to write on their son, why didn’t they write the note on his diaper?

Heather, who lives in Florida, wished that the school had just communicated better.

“I need opinions. Am I right to be furious about this? Or am I overreacting? I really need your opinions guys, because I’m about to barge in this daycare tomorrow morning and have some words.”

Most people felt that she was totally right to be upset.

“By no means are you overreacting,” one woman wrote. “Any daycare usually always keeps extra diapers, you missed one day of not bringing diapers, and it should not be a big deal.”

“I would do more than just posting this on Facebook because this is not okay,” another woman wrote. “That poor precious babe.”

Another person suggested that Heather should report the daycare.

Do you think this daycare was wrong to write on the child?

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