A mom and her boyfriend revealed on TikTok that her entire family shares something in common. Alexandria Roy, her boyfriend, and their three children all have the same middle name as part of a family tradition, and they are proud of it. Now, Alexandria Roy, 26, has shared the family tradition with her TikTok followers, all 284,000 of them, to reveal that she and her entire family have the same middle name – Lauren.

While it is just a coincidence that she and her boyfriend, Deven have the same middle name, it was a big decision for them to give their three children all the same middle name upon birth. They wanted to pass the middle name onto their children so the entire family could share in the tradition and be part of something larger than themselves.

The couple share two daughters, Scarlett Lauren and Sapphire Lauren, and a son, Maverick Lauren. They also have another child on the way, who will be given the middle name Lauren whether they are a boy or a girl following in the same footsteps as the family tradition.

Traditionally, Lauren is a male name with a Latin and French origin. However, it is now considered to be a unisex name. However, in recent decades, Lauren was given more commonly to girls in the United States, making it more common among females in the younger generations.

Out of every one hundred thousand Americans, there are about sixty people named Lauren, according to a report published by MyNameStates.com. This stat does not account for middle names, so for Alexandria Lauren Roy and her family, the stats are not lining up and being accounted for.

Critics have been harsh to Alexandria for naming her children all with the same middle name. Some people have called her “stupid” for naming her children “Lauren.” She shot back at her haters with a video in which she lip-synced “I don’t care.”

“Let me enjoy the name my kids’ dad, myself, and our kids share,” she added in the caption of the video. The video was only five seconds long but was viewed a whopping ten million times and went viral for the young mother.

“It’s just the middle names, guys; I had to look it up, lol,” one person wrote. “Pretty common. I was worried it was all the same first names.”

“My siblings and I all have the same names, but the only difference is the first,” someone else shared.

“We’re talking about middle names here. I don’t get the problem,” another viewer agreed. “My middle name has been passed down four generations.”

In a recent post on Instagram, Alexandria opened up about how she and Deven first learned about their shared middle name. She was enthralled that they were both named Lauren and knew that it was meant to be.

“Deven thought I was messing with him when we first started dating, and I told him we had the same middle name,” she wrote on Instagram.