Maria Menounos took to Instagram to make the announcement that her mother, Litsa Menounos, passed away. Litsa was battling stage four brain cancer, and Maria has been talking to the media about her struggle for years. Maria, who is 42, posted a photo of her holding her mother while she was lying in her hospital bed. The caption on the photo read, “RIP mom. god loved her so much he took her on greek easter.” She continued:

“Christ is risen mom” written in her mother’s native Greek language.

Maria, who is most-well known for being a host on Extra, also had a brain tumor removed in 2017. Thankfully, tests showed that hers was benign.

Just a few months prior to Litsa’s passing, Maria revealed that both her parents were hospitalized after being infected with COVID-19.

In March, Maria appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan and talked about her mother’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. She praised her mother for being strong and beating COVID, stating she, “beat COVID and she continues to be a miracle.”

She went on to describe the difficulty of watching her mother suffer: “It has been an extremely tough time…it was hard to actually come here, but she wanted me to come here.”

Last fall, Maria made an emotional post on mother’s birthday:

“In my darkest moments fear never let me see this day possible. Faith however would whisper in my ear. I am moved and inspired by your fearlessness and calm throughout this journey. Mom I love you more than words can express. I will fight for you and with you everyday. I pray god gives us many more years so you can see your dream of grandchildren come true. Happy birthday, to many more.”

Rest in peace, Litsa.

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