Chad Jones delighted his family when he said he would spring for the $4,200 LG fridge. However, he would soon realize that he and his wife were wise to keep their old refrigerator until the new one was delivered. Footage from the Tallmadge, Ohio home belonging to Jones reveals that the delivery workers bringing the expensive fridge into the home were totally irresponsible and failed to deliver the product safely.

Footage from the home’s security camera captured the moment the two delivery workers arrived to bring the fridge into the house. The large appliance was loaded onto a pushcart and dragged along the driveway leading up to the home.

However, the workers did not secure the fridge to the cart. When one of the workers decided to set down the fridge without the support of the other worker, the fridge slipped off the dolly and crashed onto Jones’s driveway. The incident occurred in broad daylight and could not be missed by Jones and others in the neighborhood.

Then, the delivery workers attempted to complete the delivery. When Jones pointed out that the fridge was damaged, the deliverymen claimed that the fridge had been damaged by the manufacturer. Fortunately, Jones was able to catch the workers in the lie because he had the home security camera system set up on his Ohio property.

During the incident, Chad decided to let it go. He felt that the fridge was not damaged enough to cause a stink. However, he later had to get the broken LG fridge replaced.

A video posted to YouTube by ABC13 Houston shows how the delivery workers lied to the customer during the delivery. You can watch how the workers failed to secure the expensive fridge to the dolly – cutting corners to save time on their route – and dropped the multi-thousand dollar fridge onto the pavement, crushing part of it in the process.

Viewers shared hundreds of comments on the ABC13 Houston YouTube video. Here’s what viewers like you had to say about the incident:

“First of all… You should use an appliance dolly for a refrigerator.”

“Thought for a second that he was gonna slip and fridge was gonna fall on him. I’m glad it didn’t.”

“There is a new invention… you may have heard of it.. it is called A STRAP.”

“Ring camera ruined another successful delivery.”

“This is the reason you have two people making the delivery – to avoid things like this!”

“Should have just floored the truck in reverse up the driveway then slam the brakes, the fridge would fly out and probably be in better shape.”

“I’ve been in the moving industry for five years now. Not only have they used the wrong equipment, but they should also have been working together on a large appliance.”

“(At the 21-second mark), the other guy that isn’t pulling the refrigerator is me when my mom brings home food, but I don’t want to seem too excited.”

“This is okay. At least the fridge didn’t crush the man. That item can be replaced.”

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