Mothers have felt close to their newborn babies since the beginning of time. Birth is a traumatic experience. In a matter of moments, a mother and her unborn baby are separated. The baby comes into the world and is then separated from the mother when the umbilical cord is cut. Because the mothers miss feeling close to their baby, some of them are doing something amazing with that umbilical cord matter – they’re turning it into jewelry that they can wear around their necks.

Umbilical cord stumps are one of the newest fashion statements for new mothers. These umbilical cord jewelry items are a hot ticket item for new moms who really want to feel closer as pie to their newborn babies.

Ruth Avra loves celebrating motherhood and believes very strongly in these pieces of jewelry. She wants the experience of motherhood to go beyond the standard use of photography.

Avra is an artist and mother who lives in Hollywood. Not the Hollywood in California but Hollywood, Florida. She has created unusual jewelry as a way to help new mothers demonstrate – very proudly – the fact that they brought life into the world.

Because Avra had a daughter in 2012, she knows all about what it means to give birth to life. She decided to make a mark of her own in the marketplace by embedded umbilical cord stumps in pieces of jewelry. It was her way of being creative and of giving new mothers something truly memorable to celebrate the birth of their babies.

The way it works is simple. When umbilical cord stumps finally fall out of the newborn baby’s belly button, they ship that piece of the story to Avra who gets to work – immediately – creating art out of the body part.

Each piece of jewelry is personal and unique. That’s because each umbilical cord stump is different – but not only that – Avra lets each stump of cord speak to her and tell her what it wants to do with the jewelry. She had a sort of conversation with the item and then turned it into jewelry that can make celebrate it for years and years.

“The umbilical cord is literally the connection between mother and child, the biological wonder that allows a child to grow and develop us, using our own bodies to do so,” Avra revealed to Daily Mail. “I simply take that remaining piece and preserve it in a way that a parent can keep it close to their heart.”

Newborn babies grow up so fast. Avra’s art helps people celebrate the child for much longer than is otherwise possible.

“Many absolutely love the idea of keeping a part of their children close in the form of jewelry. I’ve also had a reaction like ‘ew’ and ‘gross.’ We all have different tastes and wants, my Keepsake Jewelry is for any parent who wants to capture a part of their beloved children and keep them close.”

What do you think about her unique umbilical cord jewelry? Would you want one?