Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful day filled with happiness and love, but it can also be filled with disappointment and sadness for some unlucky souls. In school, parents are asked to have their children make cards or bring treats for everyone in class. But sometimes, kids have their own motivations – not all of them pure and wholesome, unfortunately.

Aislinn Bowermaster was incredibly excited for Valentine’s Day in her middle school classroom. The 12-year-old sweetly asked her mother for help baking heart-shaped cookies for everyone in her class to enjoy. Her mother Kristin was more than happy to oblige, staying up late with her daughter to craft the perfect cookies for the big day.

Watch the video below to see how it all unfolds!

Aislinn finally arrived at school the next day, as excited as could be to share her cookies with everyone in her class. That excitement quickly turned into sorrow as she realized that none of her classmates had brought a single valentine for her in exchange. She was completely heartbroken, unable to understand why all of these other students decided to treat her so unfairly.

Soon, the day somehow became worse when the other students began bullying her about her weight as a reason for why they didn’t give her a valentine. Clearly somewhere along the line their parents seriously missed a step, because only a sick, twisted person would harass someone about their weight on the same day an entire class colluded to not give her a single valentine.

She refused to go back to school and ran home as fast as she possibly could, if only to cry in her mother’s arms. Kristin was heartbroken as well, sad that her daughter’s classmates had to be so cruel to the poor girl. Aislinn refused to come out of her room, no matter what and Kristin knew she had to do something about this sad issue.

She called her best friend Abby to ask for advice, who proceeded to tell Aislinn’s story to her teenage stepson Isaiah. Making up for all the cruelty that she suffered earlier that day, he promised to surprise her at school with something amazing if she would come back. He quickly ran out to the store and began making plans for the perfect way to surprise this poor little girl who had already suffered so much that day.

Kristin relayed the promise to her daughter and soon Aislinn was back in school and stuck with those same jerks that had been mean to her earlier in the day. But soon, Isaiah began to walk through the lunchroom and seek out Aislinn with his brilliant surprise – flowers and a huge teddy bear!

The surprise really brought a smile to Aislinn’s face, and hopefully Isaiah’s selfless actions will show these cruel students how a real human being acts towards another. These parents should also be ashamed for not ensuring that their children were taught to be nicer and kinder to everyone they know, not just their close friends.

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