A rich housewife from Dubai turned to social media to reveal how her “thoughtless” partner gave her the worst Valentine’s Day gift imaginable. The wife turned to TikTok to explain that her husband gave her $20,000 and told her to go shopping for Valentine’s Day rather than go buy her a gift himself. The 23-year-old bombshell explained that her lover simply transferred a lot of cash into her bank account in honor of the Valentine’s Day holiday for lovers.

While the gift was certainly a lot of money, the 23-year-old Dubai housewife wanted her man to show that he cared about her by shopping for a gift himself. Instead, he tried to buy her love by shoving a bunch of cash into her bank account. The woman proclaimed that her “thoughtless” lover was “selfish” by giving her tens of thousands of dollars despite how he thought he was being romantic with such a generous gift. She wanted him to show her that he cared by going shopping for her instead of making her go to the store to choose her own Valentine’s Day gift.

“Ok, so today, my man put $20,000 into my bank account for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was really thoughtless and selfish. There’s no thought behind it at all. Anyway, let’s go shopping. Let me drown my worries in credit card bills.”

In her viral TikTok video, the Dubai woman captioned her content with “romance is dead these days.” She showed her fans on TikTok what she was going to spend her Valentine’s Day money on as she went shopping at a number of designer stores in the Dubai Mall.

In the video, Linda goes shopping for items at Christian Dior. She falls in love with the Himalayan Dior bag before turning her attention to a custom Hermes Kelly bag that is decorated with monopoly artwork from the board game. For those who are unaware, Hermes bags cost between $8,000 and $14,000 or so, according to the internet.

“It’s a custom Kelly with… Monopoly artwork on it,” she said. “Nobody else will have it, which is what I love. I don’t want to be in with anybody else.”

In addition to her shopping spree, Linda also enjoyed a luxurious lunch near the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. She also went shopping for designer shoes. She figured that she would need to wear the beautiful footwear for “a dinner I’ll probably end up planning for myself” since her man did nothing romantic for her ever expect for give her loads of money.

After her shopping spree in Dubai, the lonely woman explained that she simply decided to just go home because she was “kind of lonely” after being forced to shop for her own Valentine’s Day gift.

Viewers shared mixed reactions. Some people sided with the woman because the man did not do anything to show he was a romantic. Instead, he just threw money at her as though she was a problem to be fixed. Others felt that the woman was ungrateful, writing: “$20,000 and still complaining.”