A young mother has turned to Reddit to gather insight from other moms and parents after her mother rejected her two-year-old baby girl. In the Reddit post, the mother confirmed that her mother – the toddler’s grandmother – lives with the Reddit user’s sister, who also has a toddler, age fourteen months. The grandmother has banned the Reddit user’s daughter from coming to visit because she claims the toddler is “too aggressive” with the fourteen-month-old baby and is no longer welcome inside the house.

The distraught mother has both a two-year-old daughter and a five-year-old child. She recently moved back to her home state after a few years away. She was eager to be closer to her mother and sister but was shocked when she learned that the grandmother did not want her two-year-old daughter to come to visit because her behavior was too aggressive around the other baby.

“My 2-year-old isn’t a mean kid, but she’s wild,” the mother explained. “She loves to blow raspberries, and my mom thought it was bad behavior that she did that at my sister’s [14-month-old] son.”

The mother lives only five minutes from her sister’s home, where the grandmother is living. She thought that by moving back home, she would be able to visit her family more often. She got a surprise when her grandmother rejected her two-year-old for being too aggressive around the little baby.

Apparently, the two-year-old yells at the other baby. She screams “MINE!” whenever the other child gets near her toys. This aggressive behavior has sent shockwaves of discontent through the family.

“She pushed him one time and will hold her hands up at him if he gets too close to her things sometimes,” the mother shared. “Obviously, I correct her [when she does this], and in the instance of pushing, I remove her from the situation.”

Mom removes her toddler from the situation as soon as she can. She stops the toddler from blowing raspberries at the other baby because the behavior upsets the little kid. But this is not good enough for grandma.

“My daughter only just turned 2. She doesn’t really understand,” the mother explained. “She isn’t being vindictive.”

Grandma doesn’t want the little baby to be bullied.

“My mom also brings up the fact that my daughter is very vocal when she’s upset,” she continued. The toddler often throws tantrums, which makes the situation worse.

Grandma would rather not see the two-year-old.

“[My mother] thinks that I shouldn’t bring my daughter around anymore,” the Reddit user shared. She added that grandma thinks the toddler is “too much to handle.”

“She says my 5-year-old can come, but not her sister,” mom added.

Mom wants to visit her family but doesn’t want to leave her toddler behind.

“Is this fair? Am I unreasonable for being very upset about this?” she asked Reddit. “I’d understand if my daughter was being violent and I wasn’t doing anything about it, but that’s not the case.”

Do you think grandma is being fair?