Tory McKenzie wanted to make sure her beloved granddaughter was safe at night. After hearing the toddler telling someone – or something – to “go away,” the 41-year-old grandmother set up a camera to make sure nothing bad was happening in the bedroom. However, McKenzie was utterly horrified after she takes a close look at the camera footage only to see a “horned demon” lurking over the baby while she tries to sleep in the dark.

The motion-activated camera was set up at McKenzie’s son’s house so she could watch her granddaughter while she slept to make sure everything was all right. The girl, two-year-old Amber McKenzie, had been heard talking to someone in the room in the middle of the night, but no adult knew what was going on. The camera was grandma’s solution, so they could see if the little girl really was talking to someone real or if it was just imaginary.

Four days after installing the video camera in the toddler’s room, grandma went to check the footage on the app. It was not long before she stumbled upon the shocking footage of some demonic figure standing only inches from the little girl and her seven-month-old baby brother, Michael McKenzie (who slept through the nightmarish ordeal). Now, McKenzie is looking for answers about what the thing was that had “a horn on its head and long claws.”

The creature, which seems to be unfamiliar in its body, awkwardly stands over the baby cribs just before 3 am. Now that Tory McKenzie knows that some creature was in the room, she no longer feels that her grandchildren are safe while sleeping.

Grandma tried to get the “evil presence” out of her son’s house, so she began burning oils. However, the home continues to host paranormal activity. Cabinets and curtains open and shut by themselves, and music begins playing, although no one started it.

“It was so shocking when I saw it,” the Las Vegas grandmother wrote in a paranormal Facebook group. “I had to do a double-take. The first thing I saw was horns on its head, so you immediately think it’s the devil or a demon.”

“When we caught videos of the orbs, we thought it was a family member looking after the kids, but that picture, I have no idea. It’s terrifying. I showed the kids, and my 13-year-old son was scared by it. I ran over to the house and showed my eldest son. We were just in shock, and he couldn’t explain it either.

“Everybody was asleep, so it couldn’t have been my son or his partner. We still have shots of him in there, and it looks nothing like that. I know that it’s something supernatural. Ryan has moved the kids out of their room and into his room. Nothing bad has happened to them yet, but it’s the fact that it could.”

She continued, “The two-year-old isn’t scared of [the figure] and thinks it’s her friend, but one night she told it to ‘go away.’ For the most part, everybody’s been supportive, suggesting what to do and who to speak to. I just want to get rid of whatever it is. I’m not that talented when it comes to technology to fake the photo, and I didn’t share it on my own page, so it’s not like I was trying to get attention from it.”