Texas State Troopers have a very dangerous job. These heroes need to put themselves in front of bullets to defend the community they vowed to serve and protect. That’s why Texas State Trooper Juan Rojas was rushed to the hospital. He was in service with the Madisonville Texas Highway Patrol office, which reported that Trooper Rojas suffered a gunshot wound while chasing down murder suspect  Larry Bollin.

According to a report, Bollin murdered one person and injured six more during a shootout at a Bryan, Texas, cabinet plant. Bollin went on the run after the shootout and had to contend with Texas State Troopers, who rushed to chase him down and stop him before he hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, Bollin was an accurate shot and managed to clip Trooper Rojas before he was captured.

Rojas was immediately rushed to the St. Joseph’s Health Center in Bryan, but the doctors there did not have the equipment necessary to treat his injuries, so he was flown to a bigger hospital in Austin, Texas. At the time, he was in critical condition.

While Rojas was released from the hospital a week later, his condition prevented him from attending his son’s little league game. That’s when Texas State Troopers went out of their way to attend the game in Rojas’s absence, so his son knew he had the support of his dad’s brothers in blue.

The police snapped photos of their time at the little league game and even hosted a prayer for the injured officer. People on social media took notice of the police officers’ behavior and shared comments like the following.

“Also praying for fast recovery and thank all the law enforcement there supporting his son, you guys are great,” Wanda wrote.

“Prayers to Trooper! What a great way to honor him and his son from his trooper family!!! Awesome!” another user commented.

“Just another reason I have so much respect for our law enforcement officers.”

Meanwhile, Bollin faces a murder charge in addition to other charges. His motivation for the workplace shooting remains unclear. However, he was successful at hurting his coworkers during the shootout. He murdered one person and injured six more. Four of those injured were in critical condition following the shooting.

“(It was) just a regular day, and you can start hearing… gunshots, slamming, running, people falling, screaming — I fell myself. My whole leg went in the mud,” one employee at the Texas cabinet plant said.

With all the support he has been receiving, the injured trooper is making a solid recovery.

It is heartwarming to see so many people supporting him and his family during this difficult time. We can only hope that Bollin receives the punishment he deserves for his heinous actions.

If you’d like to support Trooper Rojas and his family, let us know. Any additional information will be provided as it becomes available. Thank you for your support!