Dating has been extremely hard for singles during the pandemic. Not only are more people turning to online platforms to meet people (from social media accounts to traditional online dating services like Match or OK Cupid, among many others), in-person meetings are few and far between. Because of social distancing guidelines, it is harder to go on a first date, which means face time is more important than ever before, and singles need to know what to look for to make sure they are not wasting their time with the wrong person.

Self-proclaimed dating guru Jacob Lucas, who posts his tips and videos to TikTok via his account, @jacoblucas101, wants you to get the tips and tricks so you can be more effective while dating.

In the video, Lucas shares a simple body language tip that you can use when trying to figure out if another person finds you attractive. This tip works for people of all ages and genders and can be very helpful for you. It may even be able to cut down on the amount of time required to find a date that actually wants to spend time with you – rather than just taking you up on a free dinner and a movie.

According to Lucas, the tip that he has for you is evolutionary. He admitted in the video that when he started employing this body language hack during his interactions, “it changed the whole game for me.” If you want similar results, then you need to watch Lucas’s video and continue to read to see how you can make use of body language when trying to find a potential mate.

Lucas claims that if someone finds you attractive, they will gently scratch the back of their hand. He also suggests that if people touch their collar bone, it is another sign that they find you attractive.

According to Lucas, these body language movements have an ancient meaning. Allegedly, these behaviors indicate that the person you are speaking to wants you to “groom” them. Back in the day when people were living in caves, this was a sign that you could be a person’s potential mate as they would only want you to groom them if they were close to you and wanted to explore a romantic – or reproductive – relationship.

Nowadays, things are a lot more complicated. If you see someone scratching the back of their hand or touching their collar bone, don’t take it as an open invitation to “groom” the person. However, you can use it as an indication that the person might find you attractive. This then gives you an opportunity to take things to the next level. Perhaps, you can ask the person out on a date or suggest that they join you for lunch or a coffee.

Lucas’s tip is not a sure-fire way to know that someone finds you attractive. However, it is a great indication that you can try to progress things to the next level. If you see a person you are romantically interested in scratching the back of their hand or touching their collar bone while speaking to you, it could be a sign that they find you attractive.

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