If you thought you had it good in America, think again. Fans of fast food restaurant Wendy’s have come forward with complaints after they got a glimpse inside the Japanese versions of the same restaurant. Known as Wendy’s First Kitchen in Japan, the fast-food joint has gone viral on TikTok for wowing millions of people with all the bells and whistles available to Japanese customers.

One TikTok user gave viewers a tour inside of a Japanese Wendy’s restaurant. Viewers were shocked that Wendy’s is so much better in Japan than it is in America – and when it comes to fast-food restaurants in America, Wendy’s is often considered to be higher quality than Burger King and McDonald’s. Nevertheless, Japanese customers get to experience a restaurant that is much better than what Americans are given.

The clip was created by Sugoi Mart, a Japanese travel account on TikTok that gives people a glimpse into Japanese culture. Americans who are viewing this tour of Wendy’s First Kitchen in Japan are stunned by how amazing the restaurant is in Japan. These customers are also eager to know why Wendy’s is not willing to make their American locations as good as their Japanese ones.

The menu for the Japanese restaurants is different than what Americans experience. While customers in the States are urged to buy the Baconator, Japanese customers get to enjoy a wide selection of items that include pasta, boba tea, and a delectable matcha float. Japanese Wendy’s locations even serve beer to thirsty customers, according to the TikTok video tour from Sugoi Mart.

While the Japanese joints have most of the items available to Americans – minus the iconic Frosty – Japanese customers also get so much more. In addition to beer, they can also purchase mini-doughnuts and sweet-potato desserts from their Wendy’s locations.

Although the video was not a surprise to Japanese TikTok users, American users of the Chinese app were shocked by the differences. Many people flooded to the comments to complain about how much worse they have it in America when it comes to their options at Wendy’s.

“I need to go right now,” one person wrote.

“It bothers me to no end how American fast food is ten times better in Japan,” one user wrote.

“Wendy’s Japan is fire,” another added.

“That looks so good,” another TikTok devotee wrote.

Another person wrote, “America fast-food chains in America where they started are (trash). American fast-food chains international are (delicious).”

“The food looks good,” another TikTok user lamented. “I’m hoping to get to Japan at the end of 2022 to see Nintendo Land at Universal Studios.”

“I’m here and hoping to even see it myself,” a user replied. “They keep pushing the deadline but understandably so.”

“I’m honestly curious,” another fan wrote. “What made you decide to move to Japan? I’m a big fan of your content!”

The person behind the Sugoi Mart account replied, “I originally wanted to be a teacher, so I thought it’d be cool to have some teaching abroad under my belt, but I fell in love with social now here I am.”

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