Some people see the face of Jesus in their toast, and others see a man on a horse. For breeder Alan O’Reilly, 36, he sees Elvis Presley. That’s right, the King of Rock and Roll can be seen on the neck of his five-year-old Piebald Cob Dolly. When the Dublin man posted pictures of the horse online, he was left all shaken up after people started driving for miles to come to see it!

Chick spotted a picture of Elvis Presley on the neck of one of his ponies and knew it was his lucky day. Not everyone has a pony with the King etched into its fur. The more I look at these pictures, the more I see Elvis. And now, every time I look at these pictures of the black and white pony, I see Elvis staring right back at me. I can’t believe it! No wonder this has become an internet sensation across the globe.

Millions agree – the resemblance is uncanny, and many people are driving for miles to come to see this “special” horse. It’s no wonder that Elvis has been dubbed “The King of Rock and Roll.” His influence is still felt decades after his death. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by and take a look at this amazing pony! Who knows, you might just see Elvis yourself!

This is not the first time that people have reported seeing images of famous faces in an animal. There have been many times throughout history when people recognize famous or religious figures in strange objects. Some do it for publicity. Others truly believe a saint or magical spirit has descended to Earth.

In 2015, a woman in China claimed to have seen the face of Marilyn Monroe in her chicken nugget. This made quite the sensation online, and people were very interested in getting their hands on what can perhaps be called the world’s most beautiful McNugget. The average person will consume around 35,000 chicken nuggets in their lifetime. That’s a lot of chicken! Not everyone gets to eat one that looks like Marilyn Monroe.

And in 2016, a man in the United Kingdom saw the face of Jesus Christ in his grilled cheese sandwich. Do you think he ate the sandwich after seeing Jesus in it? Or do you think he saved it and paraded it around?

There have also been reports of people seeing the faces of celebrities like Taylor Swift and Vladimir Putin in their food. But the appearances of Putin are becoming fewer now that he has appeared sickly in public. So if you’re ever feeling hungry, keep your eyes peeled for some famous faces! You never know what you might see.

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