In Queens, New York, squirrels are going berserk. These rodents have begun attacking Queens residents in search of food, which has caused many residents of the New York City borough to remain indoors for fear of being attacked by a blood-thirsty squirrel. Most of these bizarre attacks have occurred in the Queens neighborhood of Rego Park, which a high density of attacks along 65th Drive near Fitchett Street.

If you didn’t think squirrels were an animal you had to fear, then these blood-thirsty New York City squirrels will teach you otherwise. One woman was sent to the emergency room following an attack by a squirrel. She is now afraid to leave her home because she cannot bear to endure another attack from the raging rodents.

“It just basically runs up my leg, and I’m like, OK squirrel, hello, what are you doing,” Micheline Frederick told ABC7 about the attack, which occurred on December 21, 2020. “He either bit or scratched me on my neck, and then I must have reached over, and next thing I know, it’s a cage match, and I’m losing.”

Images of the attack show bruises and bleeding across Frederick’s hands. Thankfully, she received a rabies shot as a precaution because these squirrels could be rapid and on the prowl. Frederick has since warned her neighbors about the attacking animals, but they did not take her warning seriously. A neighbor was also attacked after Frederick’s attack.

“I tried to shake it off, but I couldn’t. Squirrels have claws, cling onto your winter jacket, there’s no way to shake it off,” shared neighbor Licia Wang.

Other residents in the area have confessed to similar attacks. Three people claimed that a single squirrel was responsible for the rampage, while others claimed that the attackers were traveling in a group, which could cause a lot of damage if someone was taken unawares.

Because the city did not offer additional support to deal with the blood-thirsty squirrels, residents of Rego Park are now looking into hiring their own pest control company to deal with the rampage.

“I worried about the children. That’s what most people are scared with the kids,” Frederick stated.

Experts believe that the residents are the reason the squirrels are now attacking. These people believe that locals have been feeding the squirrels, which has led the rodents to expect food from people. However, area residents claim that they have not been feeding the animals when they were attacked.

“When we leave the house, we have to carry mom’s homemade pepper spray to make sure if it comes at us, we spray it,” resident Anika Singh Sood said.

Although the city does not seem to have allocated additional resources to help Rego Park deal with their squirrel problem, the city did encourage all New Yorkers who have “observed an animal infected with rabies” to call 311 and place a report.

For now, residents of Queens are on the lookout for any squirrels that are trying to get too close. If you live in the area, beware of these blood-thirsty squirrels who have come to rely on people to feed them.

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