You think you know somebody, and then something happens. You think you want to marry them, and then you find out the truth. Ninna Mandin is a 26-year-old woman from Brazil who had no idea what was happening when her fiance was alone in her house. She went from someone who felt excited about her wedding to someone who couldn’t wait to call it off.

Everything started with Victoria, her youngest French bulldog. First, she became less energetic and a little more skittish. When Mandin picked her up, she found bruises all over her body. Shortly after, she inspected Gucci too, her other French bulldog, who had the same blue splotches on him. What was happening? They needed to know.

When she took them to the veterinarian, they told her that they didn’t know what was wrong. Maybe she should just keep a closer eye on them. But even when she did that, the bruises kept arriving.

Since it was happening when she was away from them, she decided to set up hidden cameras around her house. She thought maybe she’d catch a family friend doing something to them. A delivery man. But what she saw wasn’t quite as easy to digest.

French bulldogs usually weigh anywhere from 19 to 28 pounds, and they stand about twelve inches high. Unfortunately, that made them a bit easier for Mandin’s fiancé, Rafael Hermida, to pick up by their feet and to toss angrily onto the hardwood floor.

Ninna was scarred by the horrific footage of her fiancé abusing her dogs in the living room. Even if Mandin didn’t have a close relationship with her lovable dogs, this proof that her fiancé was violent and abusive was enough for Mandin to send him away.

The dogs’ owner was quoted in saying, “I’m not even thinking about the wedding…Now I want justice.” According to Ruptly.TV, she canceled the wedding and shortly thereafter posted the video to Facebook.

When the internet saw what had happened, they went wild with anger toward this man. Shortly after it was posted, it became viral, and 30,000 people signed a petition that would influence law enforcement to get involved.

Soon, they were back to their usual cheery selves, and they never came in contact with the abusive man again. Mandin’s discovery of the bruises and abnormal behavior goes to show how important it is to pay attention to your dogs’ bodies and emotional states. Thanks to her, Victoria and Gucci are safe with their owner and not emotionally scarred from these brutally horrific acts of violence.

If your pets are displaying odd behavior, it’s important to pay attention to it. Clearly, it doesn’t matter who you think you trust around those you love. Your eyes should always be open to the potential of harm as you see.

I’m thankful that these brave dogs were strong enough to withstand the violence and to make it out okay on the other side. What would you do if you caught your significant other doing something like this?

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