With the more life experience you gain, the more you begin to realize that there are numerous ways to do the same thing. While we might have our preferences and refuse to accept another person’s idea of approaching a task, we could approach such instances with more humility and potentially gain another way of doing something. Today, we’re going to blow your mind about how to cook pasta.

As one of the most popular staple foods in America, most people assume you need to cook pasta in water.

It usually goes like this – boil water, drop in pasta, let it cook, and then strain it off. But Harold McGee has a new way of cooking pasta that could leave you stunned.

As the author of Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes, McGee sets out to change the way we approach mundane cooking tasks in the kitchen. And in the video below, he shows how the way you cook pasta (and the way most Americans do as well) might not be the only approach or the best.

Not only does his pasta-cooking method produce a tasty finished product, but it also speeds up the cooking process. While pasta is not the longest thing to cook in the kitchen, McGee’s method can shave a few precious minutes off the process if you’re in a rush to get dinner on the table like most families are these days.

In the clip, you’ll watch McGee place uncooked spaghetti into the frying pan and cook it up.

McGee’s method couldn’t be more natural. In the video, he explains that “You can save a lot of time, a lot of water, a lot of energy by starting out with cold water and a frying pan.”

And making this happen is a lot easier than you’d imagine.

Just put the pasta you want to cook in the frying pan. Then pour a quart or a pint of water on top of the pasta. Blast the heat and cook your pasta.

The video explains “Because the pasta is cold, the pasta won’t stick to itself at the very beginning. When it’s done, you have pasta that’s perfectly cooked, and you have a thickened liquid that you can use to make all kinds of sauces.”

The video has been viewed more than eleven million times. Hundreds of comments were added including the following from viewers like you:

“I’m a college student, and all I have is a frying pan, so this helps a lot!”

“I cooked my spaghetti this way tonight. It worked really well. It saved a lot of time. It tasted the same. I plan to cook it this way next time.”

Although the method worked for many time-crunched Americans, some people found it to be blasphemous.

“This is an absolutely wrong way to cook the pasta. Disgusting for what you obtain and unhealthy because of all you lose in nutrition and digestion with this way of cooking.”

What do you think about this method?

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