When a beautiful Thai woman offered him a kiss – in addition to other sex services, 25-year-old Frederik de Vreese was a bit caught off guard. The twenty-five-year-old tourist was not used to beautiful women throwing themselves at him and offering him everything they had. Because of his inexperience in offering such services outside of the five-star hotel Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok, he did not notice when the woman silently slipped his gold chain off his neck.

Thankfully, de Vreese recorded the entire thing on video. While he was walking along the road in Bangkok, he recorded a video of himself for posterity. As a result, the theft was recorded for all to see.

In the video, the attractive Thai sex worker throws her arms around de Vreese’s neck and whispers all the things she would let him do to her if he paid the right price. She can be heard saying, “Where you go, honey? I go to your room. I go f*** you.”

As a tourist from Ghent, Belgium, de Vreese was not looking to hire a woman for sexual services. He gently declined the woman’s offer and went about his way. However, he soon noticed that the expensive gold chain he had been wearing around his neck was missing – and the Thai sex worker was the culprit.

It was much later when de Vreese realized that he had the pickpocket on camera. By the time he learned that the Thai woman had stolen his gold chain within just ten seconds of meeting him, it would have been impossible for him to track her down and get her to return it to him.

Nevertheless, de Vreese reported the theft of his gold chain to Thai police. Apparently, the jewelry had been passed down in his family and had a lot of personal meaning to him.

“The chain belonged to my grandfather. It was in the family for many years. I think it was worth around 800 euros (£675). I’m devastated. It had a lot of sentimental value.”

The police have already launched their investigation in an effort to find de Vreese his missing gold chain.

He added: “I think the thief was part of a gang. She had a very distinctive tattoo, so I hope that people can help to track her down.”

Frederic de Vreese fell victim to the pickpocket along Sukhumvit Road, which is a famous street in Bangkok, Thailand, known for its nightlife. Tourists flock to the area’s high-rise hotels and enjoy shopping at local malls and getting drinks at bars in Soi Cowboy and the Nana Plaza.

When de Vreese spoke to the Thai police, they asked him a lot of questions about his relationship with the woman who stole his gold chain. He confirmed that he had never met her before she gave him a kiss.

Now, Thai police are looking for the woman and plan to charge her with “stealing by stealth at night” if they can catch her. Crimes that are committed during the nighttime are considered to be more punishable than the same crime committed while the sun is up.

A Bangkok police spokesperson said, “Officers at Lumphini Police Station are now checking CCTV cameras at the scene to speed up the identification of the perpetrators to prosecute them as soon as possible.”